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BORRN Silicone Teat

BORRN Silicone Teat

  • 100% food-grade silicone (inner space)
  • Made in the U.K.
  • Breast-like silicone teat
  • Anti-colic DuoValve System reduces discomfort and colic
  • Ultra-wide neck design allows easy cleaning
  • EN14350 Approved
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BORRN Silicone Teat

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Medical & Food-grade Silicone

Medical and food-grade silicone does not contain nor release BPA which has proven harmful to human bodies and development of babies.

Silicone is highly durable and high temperature resistant, it is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Silicone is not prone to stains and can be cleaned easily.


Toxic-free, mess-free products.

Toxic FREE Total silicone inner surface, no milk contact with plastic
Mess FREE Our 2-piece-design baby bottle makes things easy breezy.
Burp FREE Constantly evolving – we never stop upgrading our designs, a totally burp free milk bottle is our ultimate goal.
  • Materials

    • Hidden Plastic + Food-grade silicone
  • Dimension & weight

    • Weight:37g
    • Dimension:8*8*6cm
  • Cleaning

    • Before each use, always clean all components
    • After use, always wash thoroughly with warm soapy water, and rinse in clean water.
    • Sterilise with boiling water for 5 minutes, keeping the teat completely immersed in the water
    • Keep dry and clean
    • All components are suitable for use in electric steam steriliser and dishwashers (Top rack only)

We are BORRN together
– BORRN Silicone Teat

It always takes two – BORRN Silicone Bottle & Teat are inseparable to carry out their missions.

And It only takes two – BORRN’s bottle has no extra or unnecessary parts, the ultra wide neck 2-piece design save time and effort to clean, easy breezy!

  • - Ultra wide neck 2-piece design
  • - BPA Free
  • - Mess Free
  • - Worry Free

Awards & Recognitions

BORRN is proud to be recognised around the globe for safe and innovative baby products with good designs, we constantly strive to be better.

    • borrn recognition
    • borrn recognition
    • borrn recognition
    • borrn recognition
    • borrn recognition
    • borrn recognition
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